Danziger release Review by Pancake

Danziger   Here at Lickerish HQ we are chuffed to bits to get a hold of a few copies of Danzigers latest release for the distro. Polish power trio from Gdansk. A force to be reckoned with. To be honest I was so pleased about it I thought that I would write up a little piece about them, us and do a review of their album to boot!  Just over a year ago ourselves at Lickerish were preparing to visit Poland for a weekend of gigs in our respective bands (Kringer and The Battle Katz and Eye Licker). We were to play Gdansk and then Olsztyn and return the Monday. We did try for a Warsaw gig or similar; however, it was not to be. We were chuffed just to play 2 gigs and could not wait to get over. Over the course of the few days there were many funny stories and anecdotes I could recount; however, I will keep it relevant for this and those can wait for another time.    So the place we were to play was on Olliwa, which is just outside of Gdansk, at a bar which translated into English as the Lions

Coronanation Street

So, these have indeed been very strange times. I'm sure as music lovers (well I assume so if you're reading this!) we have all been feeling the pinch. Whether that be missing going to gigs, playing gigs, rehearsing, attending big concerts or even just going to the pub and watching some open mic night. Needless to say the COVID-19 pandemic has had an effect on every single one of us in all aspects of our lives not just music lovers. We were exceptionally lucky to be able to go ahead with our concert at The Blossoms in Stockport on the 14th March. What a rager that was! With Yersin from the North East nearly shaking the building to it's very foundations, Ron Jizzly and The Spoons and their 3 guitar racket, Eye Licker showcasing their new, and in my opinion most ferocious and best,  line up (correct me if I'm wrong Lee!) and finally Healer of Bastards from Birmingham who managed to get 3 encores! The atmosphere was electric and everyone was in good spirits with a good turn

Gigs, Unfortunate Endings, Releases and Helpful Friends

We'll start with the gigs cos one is coming up lightning fast and we're all pretty excited about them so starting with the 14th of March we have the absolute pleasure of inviting you to come down and have some fun with us and  Healer Of Bastards , Yersin , Eye Licker  and Salvo . After that on the 29th of August we welcome  Broken Lungs , System Of Slaves and Chain Of Dissent , both gigs are at Blossoms  in Stockport, Our Adam is also working hard on this years Shockportopia event, as are all the others who are involed in putting this awesome festival together and we'll have more news on that as that pieces together. Coming out soon Grind masters Emissaries Of Syn  (Wales) will be releasing a 12" split with MxAxMxA  (Russia) and Psycho (USA) and we are happy to say we are one of a few labels involved in releasing it and they should be with us soon, We can't wait 😊 Having a release fall through because of a band splitting up is unfortunate but not

A review of Convent Crescent by Adam "Pancake"Hollingworth

So, a little belated (I had other books to finish!), but I finally finished Convent Crescent, the debut novel from Dischords Chris Newton and Zowie Swan, and from start to finish it was a fully captivating read! So here's my review of this fine work of fiction. I have known Dischord a number of years and am fortunate enough to call them close friends but don't let that fool you into thinking I went into this with a positive bias. I had a fair idea of what to expect from their short film released in 2018 and knowing them for a number of years I expected horror and horror is what I got! From the very first moment Newton and Swan invite you into the lives of the main protagonists of Adam, Lilith and their Grandfather, Bryn, and the spooky setting of The Mordrake. The characters are well rounded and have a lot of depth. Whereas some novels the characters can be somewhat wooden and unbelievable each character has a sense of their own identity who all have relatable personalities and

Lickerish all dayer

For something that was planned so long ago it seemed to suddenly pop up and announce itself to us all before we were all ready, This day being on the whole all completely organised by Adam and his relentless pursuit of the right bands to make it work stressed and fussed over it in the days leading up to the big day but he needn't have, everything ran smoother then the black ice that was forming around us outside on a freezing cold day. We had decided right from day one that if we were going to put on a gig it wasn't going to be any one style of music, why be so exclusive when we don't have to be, after all, we're fans of a lot of different styles of music so sticking to one didn't make any sense, if we were going to do this it had to be a broad spectrum, because music is a celebration and we should do all we can to celebrate it in all of it's many variations, and so a punk, metal, hardcore, grindcore collection of outstanding bands slowly came together.

A wonderfull discoverie of awesome

When we first met up with Dischord one of the first things they said was "you might not like this" but having been continually amazed by every release thus far we just became more curious, When they played something they thought would scare us off, we became even more curious, and so a game of cat and mouse ensued with the band trying to warn us away and in return we became the proverbial moth to the flame, not out of sheer bloody minded stubborn petulance but because the more they opened the concept to us the more we fell in love, and we'd only heard 2 songs at this point, good day that 😊 And now here we are, the day before release, if you want to hear those very same 2 songs then head over to the bands Facebook page, or wait till tomorrow and let this entire Dischord and friends Various Artists mix of styles wash over you in a way you couldn't dare expect. Watch the video, it became a book which then became a soundtrack, you'll realise that b

Convent Crescent

If you haven't heard of Dischord your circle must be very small, here we have a band that can't and won't sit still and we don't want them to because they're too bloody good to just be happy with what they have, they instinctively push their boundries to limits that take them out of their comfort zone and that is where they excel, flourish and amaze, and we haven't even spoken about them as a live unit yet, if you haven't seen them live you need to fix that asap. So to Convent Crescent, from here we'll redirect you to  The Punk Site  and Just Some Punk Songs  respectively so you can get their take on the outstanding outfit that are Dischord. You can get a pre-order package from the band directly on their Facebook  page. The Prologue Dischord - Director's Cut