Something to get excited about, I mean, REALLY excited !!

We are extremely happy to announce and welcome Blackpool hardcore punk outfit Dischord to the Lickerish family, 
If you haven't heard them before then now is the time to make the appropriate adjustments to your life and give them a listen, go to one of their shows and buy their merch, this hard working, fun loving unit are currently working on album number 4, which is due out in October and will be released through Lickerish records, 
Having met up with them recently while they were recording we were given the opportunity to listen to a couple of new songs they've been working on and were blown away, here is a band that is not afraid to try something new, something different while still keeping hold of their identity, we're all over that and can't wait to help them bring it to everyone far and wide, keep your eyes peeled 😊

Deathead - Blessed In Blasphemy

So here we are once more, this time with a re-release since it was a US only release in 2014, From Ogden in Utah, Deathead are a dirty as fuck thrash metal unit with influences taken from Sodom, Kreator and Motorhead to name a few but you get the idea what these lads are doing, and doing very well.
Formed by Chris Jester in 2001 they've progressed through the years while still keeping their base influences intact and staying true to their sound and style.
You can check them out at our Bandcamp page 

It's finally here

It seems like this part has taken an age to get to this point but here we are with our first releases of the archive bands, 4 great bands who are sadly no more but have left a mark that needs to be remembered 

you can find them on our Bandcamp page links below
Rebel Conspiracy
Brace For Impact
No Decorum
The Lockout
Also we are extremely happy to announce our first showcase gig which will be at the Alma in Bolton on the 30th November, It's free entry in and will have a great blend of Punk, Hardcore and metal, something for everyone, here is the Event page

A quadruple whammy this way comes

As you know, part of our set up is to showcase bands that are sadly no longer with us, they leave behind a catalogue of music that quickly vanishes and becomes lost or forgotten. We want to try and get as much of them up online as possible so that they are not lost, can be easily found and are available to listen to, download and enjoy.
Our first release was originally set to be just the one to start with and build from there but every band we got in touch with jumped at the chance and so i'd like to say a huge thank you, because without your permission to go ahead none of this could happen.
These 4 are due for release in the next couple of weeks but there will be more info leading up the 8th June

The New Adventures Of ...

Kringer and the Battle Katz new EP has finally been released from it's restraints and is running amok in the streets, carnage is everywhere, it's a scene that makes a dragon attack look like a gerbil playing in a sand pit, it's now up on Lickerish Records as well as Horn And Hoof Records, an excellent label that is worth checking out if you haven't already.
Head over to our Bandcamp page to have a listen and make your purchase

While you're there be sure to check out Sonnet 13's excellent new album "We're Here"

Both bands will be playing tonight  at the Aatma in Manchester with Siberian Meat Grinder and Fair Dos here's the event page

BKZ Review

The new Kringer and the Battle Katz ep release is coming up fast, before you know it Tuesday 14th May is here and if you have planned ahead you'll be able to see them along with Sonnet 13 in Manchester's Aatma where Siberian Meat Grinder are the evenings headliners.
Before that though you can read a review from and get yourself into character for the evenings mayhem to come. Enjoy!
Event page for Siberian Meat Grinder is Here

Coming soon to Lickerish

Combining a mixture of thrash metal, hardcore, punk, ska and funk, groove metal and a whole lot of sleaze, bounciness and idiocy it's difficult to pigeon hole BKZ but their infectious songs will keep you entertained for ages keep your eyes peeled