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Coming soon to Lickerish

Combining a mixture of thrash metal, hardcore, punk, ska and funk, groove metal and a whole lot of sleaze, bounciness and idiocy it's difficult to pigeon hole BKZ but their infectious songs will keep you entertained for ages keep your eyes peeled 

It's Here

The new Sonnet 13 was officially out yesterday and the lads are playing at Blackpool Anarchy at the Waterloo today and Manchester Punk Festival on Sunday, do not miss them They also have new shirts, contact the band directly   or catch them over the weekend you can order a cd from our bandcamp page

Sonnet 13 release date 19th April

In just 5 days time Sonnet 13's debut album will be released, you can get your cd from the band or order it from here or  Chaos Control , more details on that to follow.

Sonnet 13

We are extremely pleased to announce that we will be releasing the new  Sonnet 13  album on April 19th and you're in for a treat if you love hard as nails groovy hardcore, check back regularly for all updates