Something to get excited about, I mean, REALLY excited !!

We are extremely happy to announce and welcome Blackpool hardcore punk outfit Dischord to the Lickerish family, 

If you haven't heard them before then now is the time to make the appropriate adjustments to your life and give them a listen, go to one of their shows and buy their merch, this hard working, fun loving unit are currently working on album number 4, which is due out in October and will be released through Lickerish records, 

Having met up with them recently while they were recording we were given the opportunity to listen to a couple of new songs they've been working on and were blown away, here is a band that is not afraid to try something new, something different while still keeping hold of their identity, we're all over that and can't wait to help them bring it to everyone far and wide, keep your eyes peeled 😊