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Lickerish all dayer

For something that was planned so long ago it seemed to suddenly pop up and announce itself to us all before we were all ready, This day being on the whole all completely organised by Adam and his relentless pursuit of the right bands to make it work stressed and fussed over it in the days leading up to the big day but he needn't have, everything ran smoother then the black ice that was forming around us outside on a freezing cold day. We had decided right from day one that if we were going to put on a gig it wasn't going to be any one style of music, why be so exclusive when we don't have to be, after all, we're fans of a lot of different styles of music so sticking to one didn't make any sense, if we were going to do this it had to be a broad spectrum, because music is a celebration and we should do all we can to celebrate it in all of it's many variations, and so a punk, metal, hardcore, grindcore collection of outstanding bands slowly came together.