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A review of Convent Crescent by Adam "Pancake"Hollingworth

So, a little belated (I had other books to finish!), but I finally finished Convent Crescent, the debut novel from Dischords Chris Newton and Zowie Swan, and from start to finish it was a fully captivating read! So here's my review of this fine work of fiction. I have known Dischord a number of years and am fortunate enough to call them close friends but don't let that fool you into thinking I went into this with a positive bias. I had a fair idea of what to expect from their short film released in 2018 and knowing them for a number of years I expected horror and horror is what I got! From the very first moment Newton and Swan invite you into the lives of the main protagonists of Adam, Lilith and their Grandfather, Bryn, and the spooky setting of The Mordrake. The characters are well rounded and have a lot of depth. Whereas some novels the characters can be somewhat wooden and unbelievable each character has a sense of their own identity who all have relatable personalities and