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Gigs, Unfortunate Endings, Releases and Helpful Friends

We'll start with the gigs cos one is coming up lightning fast and we're all pretty excited about them so starting with the 14th of March we have the absolute pleasure of inviting you to come down and have some fun with us and  Healer Of Bastards , Yersin , Eye Licker  and Salvo . After that on the 29th of August we welcome  Broken Lungs , System Of Slaves and Chain Of Dissent , both gigs are at Blossoms  in Stockport, Our Adam is also working hard on this years Shockportopia event, as are all the others who are involed in putting this awesome festival together and we'll have more news on that as that pieces together. Coming out soon Grind masters Emissaries Of Syn  (Wales) will be releasing a 12" split with MxAxMxA  (Russia) and Psycho (USA) and we are happy to say we are one of a few labels involved in releasing it and they should be with us soon, We can't wait 😊 Having a release fall through because of a band splitting up is unfortunate but not