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Danziger release Review by Pancake

Danziger   Here at Lickerish HQ we are chuffed to bits to get a hold of a few copies of Danzigers latest release for the distro. Polish power trio from Gdansk. A force to be reckoned with. To be honest I was so pleased about it I thought that I would write up a little piece about them, us and do a review of their album to boot!  Just over a year ago ourselves at Lickerish were preparing to visit Poland for a weekend of gigs in our respective bands (Kringer and The Battle Katz and Eye Licker). We were to play Gdansk and then Olsztyn and return the Monday. We did try for a Warsaw gig or similar; however, it was not to be. We were chuffed just to play 2 gigs and could not wait to get over. Over the course of the few days there were many funny stories and anecdotes I could recount; however, I will keep it relevant for this and those can wait for another time.    So the place we were to play was on Olliwa, which is just outside of Gdansk, at a bar which translated into English as the Lions